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House and Office Cleaning
June 12, 2021

A cheerful household is one that is well-kept. We at Pranika Cleaning Services are aware of the wonderful feeling you receive when you return home and office to a clean, safe environment. Pranika Cleaning Services adore assisting you in experiencing that joy. We are aware of how challenging it may be to maintain a place when one is busy.

We value being able to work in an office without having to worry about health breaks or hygiene. A safe and well-run office is essential for carrying out daily tasks and producing your work product. For the firm as a whole, structure employees and a regular office cleaning supply are essential. Your guests and clients will be drawn in by an organized and effective office.

Our professionals help you maintain a clean and secure house and Office. We thoroughly clean every area, including the marble, table, sofa, carpet, windows, glasses, chairs, toilets and the floor in your kitchen. To clean your house and office, our professionals use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. While performing our duties, we adhere to all safety regulations. We promise to provide you with great services at fair pricing because we have more than three years of expertise and significant knowledge in this field. Request a quote right away.

A recognized cleaning firm is Pranika Cleaning Service. We give you access to a variety of cleaning services. Our customers are familiar with us from our top-notch house and office cleaning offerings in Kathmandu. Our pricing is reasonable and work with your spending plan. You no longer need to worry about your household and office related duties because we are here to take care of it all.

Each cleaning operation is carefully attended to and diligently completed by the experienced cleaners. We guarantee you the greatest quality services, regardless of how big or small your job is. In order to provide the best facility, Pranika Cleaning Services use contemporary technologies and methods. Contact Pranika Cleaning Services if you need dependable and effective service, and our staff will perform every task with the appropriate attention to detail based on your requirements.

Why Pranika Cleaning Service to supply house and office cleaners on a routine basis?

Pranika Cleaning Services is well aware of the specific expectations that an acceptable working organization has in terms of a framework for its workplaces. You can count on us to spot the gaps in the framework and take good care of it. We don’t only provide executive administration for workplaces; in addition, we help our clients grasp the necessity of a space, cost, and company trustworthiness arrangement. Pranika Cleaning Services has long been recognized as one of the leading cleaning companies in Kathmandu, and we are now becoming well-known for the routine house and office cleaner supply that we provide.

What cleaning services do we provide for house and offices?

  • Cleaning the Cover

Pranika Cleaning Service follow a systematic procedure to get rid of all the allergies, worms, bugs, and debris from your premises.

  • Cleaning a sofa

One of the most essential pieces of furniture in your house and offices is your sofa. It’s where you unwind, watch TV, and host visitors. However, if you don’t clean it frequently, it could grow mold, germs, and dust mites. These allergies can lead to breathing issues, skin rashes, and other medical issues. Not to mention how unpleasant a soiled sofa looks. You can maintain your sofa’s cleanliness and appearance with the aid of Pranika Cleaning Services.

  • Cleaning a seat

One of the most essential pieces of furniture in your office is your seat. Pranika Cleaning Service clean both rexine and texturing chairs that use modern technology in homes and offices. The assistance of the seats will also be improved, and the seats will be left immaculate.

  • Cleaning a Glass

Your indoor and outdoor glasses will be cleaned by our specialists and made to glitter for guarantee. Regular Glass cleaning and maintenance will not only help keep them looking wonderful for many years to come, but keeping them clean will also help you avoid window damage, safeguard the quality of the air inside your home and offices, and maintain your home and office’s energy efficiency. For optimum effectiveness, we advise cleaning window and glasses every one to two months.

  • Cleaning a Carpet

They build up over time, raising the possibility of health issues. Professional carpet cleaning methods include hot water extraction and steam cleaning help to eliminate dust mites, germs, and other allergens, making it easier for your family and employee to breathe and lowering the risk of colds and other health issues.

  • Cleaning Marble and Tiles

Marble is strong and resistant to degradation, but it cannot be destroyed. Without maintenance, it can only survive wear and damage for so long. Due of its transparency, marble is exposed to stains and water damage. Water and other stains-causing liquids cannot be sealed properly (wine, juice, oils, coffee, etc.). For your marble and tiles in the house and office, we provide cleaning services. Your floors are left spotless and sparkling by us.

  • Cleaning Kitchen Chimney

Pranika Cleaning Services provides commercial kitchen cleaning services in homes and offices. Pranika Cleaning Services uses various synthetic materials and methods to clean the oil and oil collected from the smokestacks.

You can browse through the various services we provide under house and office cleaning services. The services are modified to meet your needs. We promise to provide the best support to meet your needs. We have tailored our services to ensure that we carry out each client’s request for each service. With our client, we have a supportive network of people looking out for us. Our devoted and knowledgeable staff is available at your request and works the entire day.


Pranika Cleaning Service is an authorized cleaning and maintenance agency situated in Kathmandu. We have a group of guaranteed specialists who are exceptionally talented and experienced at House and Office Cleaning Services. Our Pranika Cleaning Service focuses on your necessities and ensures the work result matches your vision. Pranika Cleaning Service administrations are accessible for you at spending plan agreeable costs. Pranika Cleaning Service give exceptional consideration to your property and assurance you of an incredible outcome. The specialists leave no stones unturned to provide you with client agreeable assistance. Call us today to find out more

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