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Rug (Galaicha) Cleaning Service

Rug (Galaicha) Cleaning Service

You care about your home and want to keep it clean, sanitary, and smelling fresh.  All textiles need regular cleaning and care to extend their life, especially your rugs.  Area rugs trap dust, dirt, odors, and oils due to foot traffic, pet accidents, smoke, and various spills.

We are the only cleaning professional in the Kathmandu to hold both the Master Rug Cleaner and Master Textile Cleaner, demonstrating dedication to our craft.

We clean all types of fibers including: your most common natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk, sisal, jute, and more…), synthetic fibers (nylon, polypropylene, olefin, polyester, and more…) and also hybrid fibers (viscose, rayon, bamboo silk, art silk, and more…)




Our Staff is a Master Rug Cleaner.  His careful evaluation and inspection of
your rug will ensure the proper cleaning method is used to maximize your rugs
cleanliness and appearance.  We will measure your rug and complete a

detailed rug inspection on your rug.


We attempt to remove
as much dry soil from your rug prior to washing it.  We have several tools
we can use to accomplish this including:

1) Commercial HEPA Vacuum
2) Strap Dusting – We use the “Rug Badger”
3) Air Duster
4) Rug Tumble Duster

Depending on the
construction of your rug and the level of soil, we use the right combination of
tools to accomplish dry soil removal.  Our dry soil removal process is
gentle yet a highly effective way to remove literally pounds of dust, dirt and
small particles from the rug.

This dust contains dirt as well as silica which has sharp edges. As these sharp
edges are compressed against the rug fibers with foot traffic during normal
use, the fibers are cut and damaged, reducing the useful life of your rug.
Thorough dust and abrasive particulate soil removal is one of the key
reasons your rugs need to be professionally cleaned every one to two years, depending
on their location and the amount of soiling they receive.


Rug cleaning requires making sure your rug is colorfast (many rugs can be ruined due to “dye bleed”) prior to washing.  We test your rug then determine the best plan of action based on the color stability of the dyes. We select gentle cleaning agents based on your rug’s condition and we use a clear-water rinse to wash out all removable stains, dirt, and odors. We perform this rug cleaning process by hand, and we repeat it until the rug water washes clear and we are satisfied with the results.

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