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Why carpet cleaning is important for us?
June 12, 2021

Are you searching for the best carpet cleaning service near you at affordable price? Here is the solution. Pranika cleaning service provides the best carpet cleaning service all over the Kathmandu and different places near Kathmandu. It has a team of expert cleaners who helps in providing the best services to the customers.  It provides deep, clean and fast drying service to make you home and workplace a safe and healthy place.

 Carpet is a safe place where you can sit comfortably, play, work and a decoration item too which makes your home beautiful and provides warm feeling. Carpet are the thing that keeps your home look standard and it is also the place where all the dust, dirt, germs and bacteria hides and makes the environment of our home dirty. It makes our home look good and beautiful as well as it makes our home look dirty too if you do not clean it after sometime. It enhances the beauty and rooms acoustics. Carpets also minimize the environmental noises.

Benefits of cleaning carpet

 The benefits of using a carpet at home is listed below:-

  • A carpet is a source of beauty at home as it adds beauty and style to your home or offices.
  • A carpet is indoor air quality improver and it improves your health and prevents asthma.
  • A carpet is a safe and comfortable place for sitting, playing and working.
  • A carpet prevents you from harsh falls and act as an protective matter.
  • A well carpeted room is considered as sound refiner as it reduces the noise.

What will happen if you won’t clean your carpet occasionally?

A carpet is a must have thing to enhance the look of your room as well as for healthier environment. Most of the people have a thinking like if I clean it regularly then I don’t have to contact with the professionals and save money and time but after sometime those people get sick and end up spending more money and time at hospital. So carpet cleaning should be done occasionally. And you need to find best carpet cleaning service for you to get it done properly. Here are some problems that may occur if you won’t clean your carpet occasionally.

  • Molds can grow inside your carpet and can make you sick.
  • Makes your air dirty and you might suffer from various diseases.
  • Dust and dirt can deposit inside carpet.
  • It can become home for insects.
  • It can create respiratory issue like difficulty in breathing.
  • You can suffer from various allergies and infestation of mites.

Why choose Pranika cleaning service?

Thus cleaning your dirty carpet is very important for the health of your family and co-workers. Now let’s talk about the best carpet cleaning service provided by Pranika cleaning services. We provide the following services to you:-

  • Our professional carpet cleaners deliver deep cleaning and a long-lasting carpet which is further combined with a green-certified solution that is all-natural and safe for your children and pets.
  • we provide professionally clean carpet which is  fresh looking and healthy for you, your family, and your home.
  • Our expert carpet cleaners will ensure that your carpet looks as good as new and lasts longer by removing dirt and stains embedded deep within the carpet.
  • We offer the appropriate cleaning, washing, or shampooing method based on the type of carpet you have to remove all dust, stains, and spots effortlessly.
  • We also undertake deodorizing and neutralizing carpet odors by sanitizing the carpet completely.
  • Our high-quality carpet cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning material are employed by trained cleaners keeping in mind the quality of your family’s health and our environment.

At Pranika Cleaning Service, we undertake the following as part of our carpet cleaning process:

  • Carpet shampooing
  • Removal of dirt, allergens, stains and spots
  • Carpet sanitizing
  • Carpet deodorizing
  • Carpet encapsulation
  • Eco-friendly carpet cleaning
  • Prevention of potential contaminants
  • Faster carpet drying time


Thus carpet cleaning service is very important for the health of your family and people. You must clean  your carpet occasionally for getting rid of dust, dirt, germs, mites, and bacteria which can be the cause for various diseases. It is very helpful in keeping your home clean and smell good. So you must have your carpet cleaning done. You can compare all the facilities the cleaning company provides and choose the best carpet cleaning service which is suitable for you and budget friendly. Pranika always ensures the best services to its customers and always provides the best in affordable price so you can contact to Pranika cleaning service for your carpet cleaning done today. Get your carpet cleaning done today and enjoy fresh and clean environment without any worries.

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