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The Art of Marble and Tile Cleaning
18 Dec

Marble tile surfaces, with their timeless charm and elegance, add sophistication to our living spaces. However, keeping it clean requires commitment to regular cleaning and maintenance. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the art of marble tile cleaning, finding effective techniques and essential tips to preserve the beauty of these beautiful materials. First, it […]

Why carpet cleaning is important for us?
4 Apr

Are you searching for the best carpet cleaning service near you at affordable price? Here is the solution. Pranika cleaning service provides the best carpet cleaning service all over the Kathmandu and different places near Kathmandu. It has a team of expert cleaners who helps in providing the best services to the customers.  It provides deep, clean […]

Parquet Polishing Service Near Me – Pranika Cleaning
4 Apr

Parquet is a classy interior design to keep the floors from looking dirty. Composed of geometrically placed wooden blocks, the parquet enhanced the surface of your floor to make it look elegant. However, it requires parquet polishing service from time to time since it loses the gloss after frequent use. Although a parquet can be […]

How cleaning service helps to improve your reputation?
4 Apr

Cleaning service is very necessary as dust, dirt and the agents like germs and bacteria can make your home a place for diseases. To relieve your home from such bacteria, germs, and disease you need to clean your home or workplace regularly and do cleaning with the professional or best cleaning service to achieve complete […]

House and Office Cleaning
4 Apr

A cheerful household is one that is well-kept. We at Pranika Cleaning Services are aware of the wonderful feeling you receive when you return home and office to a clean, safe environment. Pranika Cleaning Services adore assisting you in experiencing that joy. We are aware of how challenging it may be to maintain a place […]

Why should you get your sofa cleaned professionally?
4 Apr

Sofa Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality From the arid climate of Nepal to dust mites, dead skin cells and layers of dirt settle on your sofa through everyday use. Your home is susceptible to polluted indoor air circulation that might cause a lot of different health concerns to your family, and especially your kids. After […]

How frequently should you clean a water tank?
4 Apr

As per the suggestion of health organization water tanks can be cleaned at least once a year, it is recommended to do it in every six months. Hire a professional water tank cleaning company like Pranika Cleaning Service to ensure that the water tank cleaning service complies with the specifications. Our Water Tank Cleaning Service […]