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Best Sofa Cleaning Service in Kathmandu

Pranika Cleaning Service offers professional sofa cleaning service in Kathmandu. With a focus on delivering the highest quality work and going beyond expectations, we satisfy our customers’ home maintenance requirements in the best possible way.

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Why should you get your sofa cleaned professionally?

Sofa Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

From the arid climate of Nepal to dust mites, dead skin cells and layers of dirt settle on your sofa through everyday use. Your home is susceptible to polluted indoor air circulation that might cause a lot of different health concerns to your family, and especially your kids. After all, your sofa is the most important piece of furniture in your house, and you would want to keep it looking and feeling clean too.

Sofa Cleaning Improves Health-Threatening Bacteria and Dust Mites

Even though your bedroom is where majority of dust mites stay as you spend about a third of your day on it, you also tend to carry these pests to the sofa which can trigger allergies, asthma, and other serious health problems. Book sofa cleaning services periodically to ensure a cleaner environment for your family and kids.

Professional Team with Dedicated service

Sofa Cleaning in Kathmandu

How we work:

We follow a 9-step process to clean sofas at Pranika Cleaning Service.

Step 1: Dry Vacuuming the Sofa: Before deep-cleaning, surface debris or particles from the surface of the sofa is removed.

Step 2:  Sofa Shampooing: Sofa Shampoo is sprayed onto the sofa with a machine.

Step 3: Manual Scrubbing: Using a soft-bristled brush, the surface of the sofa is brushed gently. We take special care to remove the dirt without damaging the fabric and breaking up spots.

Step 4: Removing Stains: If a particular stain is persistent, we use a stain remover topically.

Step 5: Wet Vacuuming: This is where we remove the shampoo applied on the sofa using a vacuum.

Step 6: Spraying/Vacuuming: We repeat spraying water on the sofa with the machine.

Step 7:  Applying Steam to the Sofa: Using a steam machine, steam is applied to sanitize, deodorize, renew and refresh the sofa surfaces.

Step 8: Disinfecting: Using ULV fogging machine with high quality eco-friendly disinfectant, entire sofa surfaces are disinfected to reduce or eliminate the amount of microorganisms present.

Step 9:  Drying: around 75% of the sofa dries at the time of cleaning. now have to let the sofa air-dry. Just leave the sofa alone until it air-dries completely.

Call or WhatsApp us at 9810275349, 9851218010 today to book a sofa cleaning service in Kathmandu!